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Homestead Emporium stocks every Friday at 2pm EST!

Homestead Emporium ships all orders within 4-6 business days, not including weekends & holidays. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Homestead Emporium products offer you simple luxury, natural beauty, & comfort.

*FLAT RATE SHIPPING NOW ONLY 10.85 CDN FUNDS WITHIN CANADA & USA - No matter the size of your order!

Did you know?

All our pads have wings with snaps, and are an AIO (All-In-One) Style.

No fuss, just wash and dry like any other laundry.

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Homestead Emporium stocks every Friday at 2pm EST.
We ship all orders within 4-6 business days, not including weekends & holidays. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

*FLAT RATE SHIPPING NOW ONLY 10.85 CDN FUNDS WITHIN CANADA & USA - No matter the size of your order!

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When purchased:
Dec 8, 2019
Item:ONE UltiMini Pad with zorb - bamboo velour - "snow dye"
Customer service:Shipping took a while from Canada to the US but it was worth the wait.
Product review: These pads are amazing! I have tried HomesteadEmporium pads before through destashes but had never bought directly from either site. The pads I received looked a little different than the photo colors but still were everything I wanted. Hope to buy more in the future.
2019-12-30 10:24:18
When purchased:
Oct 21, 2019
Item:TWO UltiMini xs Pads - bamboo velour - dyed by Tripletts Tie Dye
Customer service:Amazing quality pads!
Product review: Beautiful pads!
2019-11-11 08:19:47
When purchased:
Oct 5, 2019
Item:ONE MegaMax Pad with ZORB - bamboo microsherpa - dyed by Tripletts Tie Dye
Customer service:Very pleased. No issues whatsoever.
Product review: Absolutely Beautiful Pad! I love it, and will be ordering again in the future. Would for sure recommend Homestead Emporium pads.
2019-10-24 06:00:52
When purchased:
Aug 24, 2019
Item:TWO MegaMax Pads - bamboo velour - "black opal"
Customer service:Hi, I’d like to exchange my items that I purchased or return if possible.
How do I go about doing that?


Lisa Maloney
Product review:
2019-09-11 10:04:23
When purchased:
Mar 1, 2019
Item:TWO Thong Liners - bamboo velour - "rainbow geode"
Customer service:LOVE the colours on these bad boys! Amazing customer service as always.
Product review: LOVE THEM!!
2019-03-22 11:57:09
When purchased:
Jun 20, 2014
Item:ONE UltiMini Pad - "rainbow gem"
Customer service:
Product review: Excellent products, they work wonderfully and are beautifully made
2019-02-03 04:34:04
When purchased:
Dec 7, 2018
Item:ONE 10inch UltiMini Pad - dyed by Tripletts Tie Dye
Customer service:
Product review: These pads are so luxurious!! So soft and thin and gorgeous. I can’t recommend Homestead Emporium enough, not to mention they’re Canadian!
2018-12-27 07:49:06
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2018
Item:ONE Ultimate II Pad for Heavy Flow or Postpartum - "rainbow gem"
Customer service:I love it!! Amazing pad!!
Product review:
2018-12-05 09:08:48
When purchased:
Nov 3, 2018
Item:TWO Regular Flow Wrap Wing Pads - bamboo fleece, smooth side up - "blossom"
Customer service:I love my pads they are amazing!! I'm buying more!!
Product review:
2018-12-05 09:08:17
When purchased:
May 12, 2018
Item:ONE Ultimate II Pad for Heavy Flow or Postpartum - "snow dye"
Customer service:
Product review: Luxurious, reliable, comfortable and comforting. Your pads are absolutely beautiful in every way! I have endured 30 years of crunchy, bunchy, itchy, chafing, wasteful chemical-laden products, searching for, but never finding the one”. Until now! I was so delighted when my daughter introduced me to the range of Homestead Emporium products. I am very thankful that she found them so early in her own life! We will recommend these pads to all of our family and friends. God bless your wonderful family business! You are making a great difference in the world.
2018-05-15 09:41:32
When purchased:
Nov 10, 2017
Item:Purse sized Wetbag - "rainbow boots"
Customer service:Homestead Emporium always provides exceptional customer service
Product review: The purse sized wetbag I purchased is a great size for storing used pads when at work or on the go. It cleans easily and is super cute with the colorful boots!
2018-05-13 07:30:31
When purchased:
Oct 26, 2016
Item:ONE UltiMax Slim Pad - "pastels"
Customer service:The customer service is amazing 10/10 would shop here again!
Product review: These pads are by far my favorite! They are super absorbent and unlike other cloth pads I've used, they resist slipping and twisting so I can be sure I'm covered. I've never experienced leakage with these. Highly recommend.
2018-05-13 07:29:02
When purchased:
Feb 20, 2018
Item:GoCloth Duo - Light Flow - "turquoise amethyst"
Customer service:Great !
Product review: Love them !!
2018-03-06 11:35:52
When purchased:
Dec 24, 2017
Item:TWO PantyWraps - "fire opal"
Customer service:Was a mix up with combine shipping but the seller was responsive and refunded shipping overages
Product review: Excellent product
2018-03-06 11:35:31
When purchased:
Nov 13, 2017
Item:ONE 10inch UltiMini Pad - "mystic gem"
Customer service:Excellent
Product review: Love them all !
2018-03-06 11:34:39
When purchased:
Nov 25, 2017
Item:ONE Regular Flow Wrap Wing Pad - "earth"
Customer service:Excellent.
Product review: Excellent.
2018-02-16 02:34:59
When purchased:
Oct 6, 2017
Item:ONE Light Wrap Wing Pad - "rainbow-ish"
Customer service:Always excellent
Product review: My favourite pads by far and the only ones I ever wear anymore. These light pads are great just like all the rest of them :). Perfect for my needs!
2017-12-13 01:12:27
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2017
Item:Surprise Set of TEN Hand Dyed Reusable Cotton Balls/Cosmetic Pads
Customer service:Great, as usual.
Product review: These are even better than I expected! The girls do a great job cutting these perfectly and picking out pretty colours. I didn’t think it would matter much because they are just to be used as face wipes but when I opened the package they actually looked like the advertised picture with an array of bright, beautiful colours everywhere! Thanks girls, you’re awesome! :)
They also work great and are very reasonably priced in my opinion. I definitely recommend them!
2017-12-13 01:05:36
When purchased:
Aug 25, 2017
Item:GoCloth Duo - Regular Flow - "ice dye"
Customer service:Fast shipping
Product review: Wonderful products that work very well
2017-09-06 12:44:56
When purchased:
Jul 20, 2017
Item:ONE Light Wrap Wing Pad - "crimson"
Customer service:
Product review: Beautiful as always, however on one of the pads their is a cut where there shouldn't be. It isn't very large and shouldn't affect function but it is there and wasn't noted in the description. The package was in tact so I believe it was simply overlooked.
2017-08-06 12:40:47


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