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Hillcountry Dollmaker creates one of a kind Waldorf Dolls and Animals from natural materials for your child or you! I started out making dolls and toys for my own children 23 years ago.  I use natural wool stuffing from a small family mill, natural fabrics and natural fiber yarns to make my creations. I also add natural lavender buds for a lovely natural scent and to protect the wool. 

I admire the traditional Waldorf philosophy of simple toys. And I want to keep my dolls affordable. So I offer many options for your custom doll, but at the same time keeping simple options available. I am happy to walk you through all of my options and choices, because I want to ensure that I create a doll your child (and you!) will love. Please ask me any questions you might have! I enjoy "chatting" with my customers!  You can reach me at TheHillcountryDollmaker@gmail.com :) 

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