Welcome to my little village. I'm happy you found a new friend out here. All my dolls and creations are made with love and care, so please give them back the attention they deserve. When I'm in the process of making a doll, I always think of the little one who will cherish him in his arms. Two possibilities are offered: 1) the item is AVAILABLE: once the payment is done and accepted by paypal, I will message you and send you your doll within 2 to 7 days. 2) the item is TO BE ORDERED: post a comment with your ordering payment to specify your choices of colours or shapes..., if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me, I'll do my best to reply as soon as possible. cancellation policy: - any cancellation will be accepted within 24 hours after the transaction. - before 24 hours, if you decide to cancel your transaction, 20% of the price paid to reserve the spot will be held - after 24 hours, if you decide to cancel your order, the payment you made to reserve the spot won't be refunded. I send all my items with secured and guaranteed services through the French Post Office Services. They all have a tracking number which will be posted to you as soon as the parcel is at the post office, or the day after. The parcel's tracing number is available on the French territory only, please contact your Post Office Services to know how to track your parcel once it has crossed the French border. Whenever the parcel comes damaged and uncomplete, please let me know. I will immediately contact the French Postal Services to let them know. You are in charge to do the same with yours. Please note that if you accept the parcel, no money will be sent back. In case you refuse the parcel, you will have to pay the trip back to France.

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