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Policies Custom orders are NON REFUNDABLE. Instock items are available with a return/guarantee policy on my Hyena Cart Due to the nature of my products as heavy use items, there will be NO WARRANTY. I do stand by the craftsmanship of my work and if you receive your item and notice a defect I will be happy to fix/replace the item. However, since general use, wash and wear will cause material to shrink/fade/break down over time, I cannot warranty the items I make. All my products are made with great care and the highest quality materials available. Please rest assured that you are getting a superior product made with love and the utmost attention to detail!! SHIPPING POLICIES If you have special instructions of where to mail–that differ from your paypal mailing address please let me know when you check out. I will ship items within 2-3 WEEKS of payment, or, as soon as I can make and ship your items. All items will have delivery confirmation. The Checkout Has options for Intenational shipping for both Canadian customers and Customers Overseas. If the cart does not charge the correct amount and you owe extra, payment in full is expected before I will ship any items. Regarding delivery confirmation–All domestic packages are shipped with delivery confirmation. International packages will not have delivery confirmation on them unless you request and pay for that service extra. In all cases, I am not responsible for items once they leave my possession. Insurance is recommended if you feel your postal service will have the opportunity to damage your items.

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