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Diaper Construction

We custom make one-size hybrid fitted diapers with cotton knit outer prints, a hidden layer of Polartec fleece, and an inner layer of soft cotton velour. There are two soakers, constructed of Zorb sandwiched between layers of heavy bamboo fleece. The first soaker is also topped with the same velour as the diaper inner.  Snaps are applied to the bottom soaker to snap into the shell and the soakers are sewn together at the top. 

Diapers are available in turned and topstitched, comfort serged, and serged styles.  Wooly nylon thread is used on serged diapers for a soft, stretchy finish.

Hybrid fitteds are not waterproof but, by design, employ a hidden layer of fleece to repel moisture back into the absorbent soakers, keeping the baby as dry as possible by pulling moisture away from the skin into the soakers and letting air flow between the layers of the diaper. The soakers have at their core a revolutionary material made of, according to the creator, "tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber". It is non-allergenic and manufactured in the United States and Canada. Zorb quickly moves moisture throughout its fibers, which reduces leaking and compression issues. 

Soakers are serged.  All diaper materials have been prewashed and the diaper can be used immediately upon receipt, although the soakers will reach maximum absorbency after 5-6 washes. 

These are one-size diapers with the option of adding fold-down rise snaps across the belly to adjust for a shorter rise.  Turned and topstitched diapers have a maximum 18" rise (unstretched) and serged diapers have a maximum rise of 19" (unstretched).  With the fold-down rise snaps added you are free to fold down as much of the front as you need to achieve as short a rise as possible.  There are 12 snaps across the belly for maximum adjustability in waist and leg size, hidden from the inside to make Baby as comfortable as possible. There are also two cross-over snaps on the waist for those skinny minis.  These diapers will fit most children between the range of about 10 to 35 pounds.

The extended use version includes a snake-style hemp/bamboo soaker in addition to the two bamboo fleece/Zorb soakers.  The hemp/bamboo soaker can be custom folded to provide the most absorbency in the area your child needs it most.  The two regular soakers are constructed of the heaviest bamboo fleece on the market.

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