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Favorite materials: leather, sterling silver, gold & gemstones. No two pieces are ever exactly alike, because they they are individual creations.

Availabe US ring sizes: 3, 3¼, 3½, 3¾, 4, 4¼, 4½, 4¾, 5, 5¼, 5½, 5¾, 6, 6¼, 6½, 6¾, 7, 7¼, 7½, 7¾, 8, 8¼, 8½, 8¾, 9, 9¼, 9½, 9¾, 10, 10¼, 10½, 10¾, 11, 11¼, 11½, 11¾, 12, 12¼, 12½, 12¾, 13

UK, Ireland and Australia sizes: D to Z4.

You are welcome to order in your country's ring sizing system. If you don't know your ring size please contact me by using the form at the bottom at this page or on the upper left side of the screen and I will help you.

If you have any questions or queries about me or my products, please use the CONTACT form. My business is registered with the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce. Business registration # 24413073

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Silver Rings – Chic and Collectable

Jane Grimshaw

Silver rings have always been very popular, particularly with the younger generation. Some people even enjoy collecting them and often wear a number of them at the same time. Silver is obviously much cheaper than other precious metals, such as gold and platinum, which is probably one of the reasons for its popularity. It does, however, look just as chic as more expensive pieces of jewellery and comes in a variety of styles to suit men and women of all ages.

Silver rings these days are usually made from Sterling Silver, which is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, such as copper - this is because pure silver is too soft to work with. You can now choose a silver ring to suit any occasion - from a birthstone ring for a party, to a wedding band for that all important day.

Here is a list of popular silver rings:

Traditional Silver Rings – These rings are perfect for wearing with casual daywear, but can still bring a sparkle to your hands at a party. They come in a whole range of designs, from plain to stone settings. These rings also make great gifts.

Silver Signet Rings – Many years ago, these rings were an official and functional piece of jewellery rather than a decorative one. Wealthy people wore them and used them as an official signature. A mirror image of the wearer’s signature or coat of arms was engraved onto the ring, so that it could be used to press an official stamp into wax or soft clay. This would then seal official documents to show that they had not been tampered with – this is why they are also called seal rings. Antique signet rings are now highly collectable items, as they are very rare. Modern day signet rings are usually engraved with initials or other personalised designs – offering a more personal touch to your wardrobe.

Silver Bands – These, again, come in a whole range of designs, such as plain, engraved, or set with stones. These can be used as wedding bands, everyday jewellery, evening jewellery, or as a gift.

Silver Birthstone Rings – These are extremely popular as gifts – particularly for birthdays. They come in traditional and more unusual designs with the recipient’s birthstone set into the ring – other stones may also be used alongside the birthstone. These can look stunning on a night out and will compliment any outfit.

Silver Figural Rings – These rings are very pretty to wear and use gemstones to create patterns and designs on the ring, such as leaves or flowers. These rings will look perfect for any occasion.

Silver Claddagh Rings – These rings and other Celtic jewellery have gained popularity over the years and have a strong meaning. They display a variety of Irish symbols, with or without stone settings, and are often given as friendship rings, or to express love and commitment.

Silver Spoon Rings – These rings are very eye-catching and are bound to attract plenty of attention at any time of the day or night. They are actually made from silver spoons, which are then moulded into the shape of a ring.

Silver Puzzle Rings – These rings offer both beauty and mystery to the wearer. They are made up of a number of interconnecting rings and are bound to create plenty of intrigue whilst you are out and about.

Even though Silver rings are beautiful and contrast well with just about any item of clothing or jewellery, they are unfortunately prone to tarnish. You should, therefore, keep your jewellery clean and protected to maintain its sparkling appearance. You should also take care with silver rings that contain gemstones, as they are more prone to damage. This is because silver is softer than gold and platinum, so the stones are more likely to loosen and fall out without proper care.

Just about anything that can be bought in other precious metals can be purchased in silver these days. If you can’t find that special ring out there on the shelf, there will always be someone who can make a special design especially for you. Whatever silver ring you choose, for yourself or as a gift, will be certain to sparkle as much as any piece of white gold or platinum!

© Jane Grimshaw

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