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When purchased:
Feb 26, 2010
Item:*CLEARANCE* Minky PP Momma Cloth Set
Customer service:Products arrived quickly and were as described.
Product review: I waited until I was post-partum and using these to leave my feedback. All the different PP Mama cloth I got from this seller has been great. Very soft and absorbent. No problems at all, and I used them w/ heavy flow. I bought seconds but you wouldn't know it, they are great!
2010-05-02 03:15:07
When purchased:
Apr 2, 2010
Item:FFS- April Fools!
Customer service:My experience was just plain awesome. There was a snafu when this item went live as a BIN style FFS vs. what should have been a FFS lottery. While she relisted correctly, she offered me another set FFS. It arrived extremely quickly and was packaged well.
Product review: Very nicely made!
2010-04-07 05:51:44
When purchased:
Mar 26, 2010
Item:Set of 2- 10" Cloth Pads
Customer service:Shipped quickly
Product review: Very nice, looks good, thanks!
2010-04-04 01:37:22
When purchased:
Mar 19, 2010
Item:*CLEARANCE* Leopard Minky Momma Cloth Set
Customer service:very fast shipping
Product review: excellent sewing and materials. I really like how we get a sample of what's in each mama pad. My only complaint is that the pads seems to shift a lot, but im just going to buy some non slip grippy things to help. I would definately buy again.
2010-03-27 11:54:18
When purchased:
Jan 8, 2010
Item:*CLEARANCE* OBV Postpartum Momma Cloth & Nursing Pads
Customer service:Fast shipping
Product review: Product looks great. Quality sewing.
2010-01-18 10:03:17
When purchased:
Jan 4, 2010
Item:*CLEARANCE* Velour Sprocket Pantyliner Set
Customer service:Excellent customer service, fast shipping!
Product review: Love them!
2010-01-13 08:31:03
When purchased:
Jan 3, 2010
Item:Batik Momma Cloth and Wetbag Set
Customer service:Fast Shipping
Product review: Great Mama Cloth
2010-01-08 07:15:24
When purchased:
Jan 3, 2010
Item:*CLEARANCE* Quilted PP Momma Cloth Set
Customer service:Great Set
Product review: Fast Shipping
2010-01-08 07:14:59
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2009
Item:BF/CM Sale-Minkee Momma Cloth Starter Set
Customer service:Great. I got my mama cloth so quickly!
Product review: I love how she includes a sample of what the mama cloth is made of, so you can see the layers. Dh didn't understand the concept and I showed him and he was really inpressed.
2009-12-04 12:25:17
When purchased:
Nov 9, 2009
Customer service:Really great - she was friendly & helpful.
Product review: I had them sent directly to a swap recipient - admittedly, a little bit reluctantly, because they look wonderful!! But I have no doubt they really ARE fabulous, and she will love, love, love them!
2009-11-22 05:44:04
When purchased:
Sep 25, 2009
Item:*Seconds Clearance*
Customer service:Great communication, fast shipping.
Product review: Cute and well made mama pads. Exactly as described.
2009-10-05 06:45:45
When purchased:
Sep 13, 2009
Item:Wetbag & PP Momma Cloth Set
Customer service:great communication
Product review: love it!!
2009-09-21 02:59:40
When purchased:
Sep 13, 2009
Item:Disco Dot Minkee/OBV PP Momma Cloth Set
Customer service:fast shipping!
Product review: awesome! love them!
2009-09-21 02:59:23
When purchased:
Sep 9, 2009
Item:"On The Go" Nursing Pad Set
Customer service:wonderful communication, very helpful with additional order
Product review: adorable, well made, super soft. I am very pleased with this set!
Thank you!
2009-09-13 03:45:26
When purchased:
Jul 8, 2009
Item:FFS-Little Liners Set
Customer service:thanks for the ffs lotto
Product review: nicely made
2009-07-13 10:18:22


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