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Mei was born in Europe, but keeps within her heart a huge respect for the traditions of the continent that gave birth to her ancestors. She's a little princess with childish Asian features, and a wonderful mild character.
With her tiny eyes, she observes the world every day. She often thinks about what she could bring to it, when she's a grown up. Her dream is to be close to children in need. She wants to provide help and assistance in a charity.
Mei is 12 inches, which is about 30cm. Her black hair is mohair fiber, sewn into wefts and assembled on a cotton cap. Her skin is cotton from Switzerland in a dark tanned complexion, and her body is firmly made from carded wool. Her head and features are needle felted , and her limbs and body are rolled.
Mei can stand alone, with the help of her little shoes rigid soles.
I like her round shapes, with belly and bum.

Due to her construction style, Meď isn't destined to children, but will rather be a little gem in a collector's collection.

Mei will be wearing white bloomers, a flowered dress with pastel shades, a gray alpaca jacket with a small pocket on the front, a pale pink hat with a flower detail, dark gray socks, and a pair of small brown suede lace up boots.


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