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Hello. I am Brandilyn. I am a mom to my 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son, and wife of 9+ years to my husband. In my former life I was in information technology for almost a decade. I have a masters degree in computer science. However, I have been a SAHM to my daughter since I was put on bed rest a week before her birth. Kenzie has opened up so many areas of my personality that I never new existed. I never want to go back to who I was before I had her. In an attempt to do what was best for my little girl, I discovered the world of cloth diapering about a year ago. I was quickly hooked. The desire to do something special for my daughter, and my husband nagging me to find a hobby, that led me to learn to knit. I took to it very quickly. I love it so much that I knit way more than my only daughter needs and I have so many ideas of items I want to try, so I wanted to share this talent with you all. I have named my store for my daughter as she was the inspiration for the journey I have taken to get here. If you are on CDN, DS, or DSD please feel free to PM me (z1ggy23) with questions, comments, or customs requests.

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