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Five years ago, Aliah's Creations started with a single I-Spy Chalkmat made for a friend's birthday. From there we've grown to include a wide variety of items. My mission is to use as many recycled and earth friendly materials as possible. Besides recycling sweaters into wool soakers and slippers, I often use remnants from other seamstresses, fabric collected from freecycle, and items from the thrift store. When I do have to buy new fabric, I stick to natural fibers and try to choose more environmentally friendly fabrics such as hemp and bamboo. I do use chalk cloth, as these items are meant to replace their disposable counterparts. Instead of going through hundreds of sheets of paper, our chalk mats offer a reueable surface for endless hours of drawing with no waste. As the years pass, we hope to expand our products and incorporate more organic and earth friendly fabrics into our items. Thank you for shopping with us!

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