Welcome! All items are hand made by me. If you purchase from my page, please note that you consent to all terms and conditions listed in the Shipping Information page. Please see Shipping Information prior to purchase.

Shipping / Returns


Due to living rurally in Canada - all shipments will be made within 7 days. If there is a delay you will be notified on the approximate time the item will be shipped. 
Items shipped within Canada take on average 2-3 weeks. 
Items shipped to the United States take on average 3-5 weeks. 
All items shipped will be shipped with tracking.

Special requests:
Items shipped in Canada that can fit within an envelope in the envelope slot can be shipped with no tracking for $2.00.
Items shipped to the United States can be shipped via air mail with no tracking for less cost. 
If you would prefer one of these other options - please email me at thatneedleworktho@mail.com and I will arrange this for you. 

Please check your address when purchasing. If you see that you have made a mistake - please email thatneedleworktho@mail.com so I can correct the shipping address before it is sent out. 


Unfortunately at this time due to the nature of the items, no exchanges will be made. Please ensure you read details in the item description prior to purchasing and if you have any questions, please email thatneedleworktho@mail.com for clarification. 


Due to the nature of the items, all sales are final. 


No Tracking Items:
No refund options are available for items sent without tracking. Once an item has been shipped without tracking, all items sent via envelope within Canada and via airmail to the United States are considered final and non-refundable. 

Tracked Items:
No refund will be issued for 'lost' items. It is not the responsibility of this seller to refund for items the post has lost or misplaced. Buyer agrees to this and agrees to purchase at their own risk. 
If your item is received damaged, you will be entitled to partial refund of 50% of the cost of the items. Refund of shipping will not be included. 

Please Note:
ALL items are photographed for records prior to shipping to prevent fraudulent claims of damage. 
In the event of suspicion of a potential scam to receive free items, the item will be sent registered mail at the buyers expense. This result in a signature and tracking will be required prior to delivery via the post. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to thatneedleworktho@mail.com

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