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pianissimo: a musical direction meaning very soft;

the superlative of piano. abbreviation pp


Pianissimo Cloth fitted diapers are the ultimate in softness, absorbency and trim fit!

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Why Cloth Diaper?

There are a multitude of reasons for using cloth diapers on your child.   Every family will have different reasons for cloth diapering and not every reason will apply to every family.  Cloth diapering is a very personal decision, right down to why you choose to do so, whether you cloth diaper full time or only some of the time, and what types of diapers you decide to use. 
Cloth diapers have a lower negative impact on our environment than  
disposable diapers.                         


The number of disposable diapers going into our landfills is simply staggering and, with populations increasing, those numbers are climbing higher and higher.  By using cloth diapers, an average family can cut their waste output almost in half.  Not only are disposable diapers taking up space in our landfills (for up to 500 years, it is estimated!) those diapers are filled with raw, untreated sewage and chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate and dioxin.


Cloth diapers, on the other hand, can be reused for years.  Many diaper makers are also incorporating fabrics that are certified Organic, meaning that growing and manufacturing of the raw materials used for these fabrics were done in such a way as to have far less negative impact on our environment than traditional fabrics do.  Once a cloth diaper is no longer fit to use as a diaper, it can be recycled in various ways, most popularly as a household rag, depending on the type of diaper.   When families use cloth diapers, human excrement goes where it belongs—to waste treatment plants.


Cloth diapers are much more economical than disposable diapers.


Possibly the number one reason families choose to cloth diaper is the fact that the economical difference between cloth and disposable is considerable.  The type of diapering system you choose will impact how great that difference is.  A simple prefold/waterproof cover system will be one of the cheapest, while using exclusively AIOs will be more costly; either system will still be cheaper than disposables!  Fitted diapers with covers, pocket diapers and AI2s will generally fit into the middle range on the cloth diaper price scale.


Cloth diapers are much better for a baby’s skin than disposable diapers.

Diaper rash is such a commonplace affliction in a baby’s life.  It shouldn’t be and doesn't need to be!  Cloth diapers are breathable and chemical free and the result is far fewer rashes and skin sensitivities for babies.   These benefits are are often another important factor in families switching from disposables to cloth. 


Cloth diapers are much more comfortable than disposable diapers.


Which would you prefer, to wear chemical-laden paper and plastic all day and night or to have luxuriously soft fabrics cushioning your behind?



Cloth diapers are as simple as disposable diapers.


Many families still picture large white rectangles of fabric, rubber pants and wicked looking pins when they think about cloth diapering.  Cloth diapers have been revolutionized in recent years and are simple to change, wash and store.  

For more information on how simple it really is to care for cloth diapers see our Usage and Care Instructions



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