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Check out our hand dyed, hand made Pre-Fitted Cloth Diapers, Wool & Micro-fleece Diaper Covers and Mamma Cloth. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have!


Cloth Diapering FAQ's

How many diapers do I need to get me started?
I have 1 child in diapers and wash them every other day.  I have 18 diapers and that is enough for me to use for 2 days and still have a few clean ones to use while the others are in the wash.  To start out, if you'll be washing every day, you MIGHT be able to get away with 8 or 10, but I would recommend having a dozen on hand.  You never know when your little one might be sick and you'll need those extra diapers!

Are your diapers ready to use?
Yes, you could actually use them when you get them, but they haven't been washed enough to reach their MAXIMUM absorbency yet.  The unbleached diapers have been washed 3 times, and the hand-dyed diapers have been washed a total of 5 times.  Our diapers will not have reached their maximum absorbency until they've been washed 8-10 times. 

**We DO recommend washing our hand-dyed diapers separately for the first couple washes just to insure that your whites stay that way.

What washing routine do you recommend with your diapers?
It's REALLY easy. 

We recommend washing and drying our diapers 2-3 times in hot water with a small amount of detergent before the first use.  This will help wash out the natural oils that are in the cotton and make your diaper more absorbent.  Although they have been washed at least twice after dying, our colored diapers may bleed in the first  wash.

     1- Rinse soiled diapers before putting in pail.

**   One of the biggest reason diapers start to smell is the fact  that they start to grow bacteria  in your little wet bags or pail. The  temperature is just right, they just sit there and get nasty. THE ONLY WAY that I have been able to keep my diapers from stink, is to put them straight into a bucket of cool water.

       ( actually I just use my washer  filled w/ water) Obviously I know this is not possible for everyone, but it works.

      2- When washing, start with a short cold rinse.  Next, a long hot wash with a small amount of detergent, (I usually wash twice in hot water.)

      3- Dry as desired.  If line drying, itís helpful to pin two diapers back to back.  Th is will keep the diapers from getting too stiff.  

      To avoid detergent buildup (which can contribute to odor problems), we recommend using a residue-free detergent such as Crunchy Clean, Charlieís Soap, Country Save, or any other clean-rinsing detergent.  We REALLY like Crunchy Clean detergent (itís made by a work-at-home mom, and can be purchased  from me or online at       Do NOT use any fabric softener!!!  This will significantly decrease the absorbency of your diapers!

       Do NOT use bleach!!!  This can ruin the elastic in the diapers and cause the fabric to wear out faster.  To disinfect, soak your diapers in VERY hot water in the washer with a scoop of Oxygen Bleach.  Follow with a hot wash and warm rinse afterward.   

Just a note: A fool proof way to get smell out of your diapers - boil them or add boiling water to your washer. 

What about "plastic pants" and covers?

I use mostly fleece covers, but occasionally use PUL or wool covers as well.


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