I'm partnered with 2 different web sites that offers 100+ of my fine art on custom made items. This web site here features all the items available. My top priority is to thrill my customers by offering my art on high quality hand crafted items. With each sale I literally do a happy dance! Thank-you so much for your continuous love & support, it means the world to me.

📌 Articles, Awards

Press releases about my work.


Medium.com: Best Living American Artists- Published 6/12/2019. My winning art from 2018 American Art Awards is featured in this Brand New article. 

ArtTreasury 2019- Released 5/1/2019 I'm among 15 contemporary artists published in this book available to purchase.



The gallery received entries from 30 different countries around the world, as well as from 34 different states and the District Of Columbia. The exhibition is divided into 3 different categories.

I won a award under Photography & Digital Media category, for my art titled "Elegant Flamingos".


Oct 15, 2018 - Jan 14, 2019

Fusion Art's 8th Quarterly International Art Exhibition. A diverse collection of artwork from artists all around the world including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, Iran, Thailand, Kuwait, India, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands. 

I won a award in the Digital & Photography category, for my art titled "Woodland Deer".         

Sept 15, 2018

The American Art Awards is a artist competition in which the 25 best galleries and museums in America rate the submitted works. This year, artists from 56 countries participated in the competition.

May 1, 2018


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