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Masterpiece Personalized Scarves & Handwork Designs Masterpiece Personalized Scarves & Handwork Designs
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Handwork designs, no two exactly alike.  Please message with any special information or special requests.  If no message is received after order placed we will ship the scarf and combination as posted in the picture shown (wine color).  These are wonderful personalized gifts for the holidays or something for yourself. They are specialty one of a kind handmade items made with Alpaca natural fiber and other natural fibers. They are Great for Ladies or Men. Great for use as a scarf to wear or even for a table runner / home decoration.

Alpaca Fiber is Superior in strength, warmth & softness. Smooth fiber without lanolin (removes allergic reactions). Naturally water resistant. Resists Odors, even in socks. Naturally wind resistant & so many more qualities. 
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Masterpiece Personalized Scarves & Handwork Designs

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