About Alpaca

About “Alpaca”

Luxurious * Soft * Beautiful
A Natural Fiber that Breathes

The qualities of Alpaca are endless
ECO Friendly

Alpaca Fashions & Accessories
Superior Quality & Elegant

Alpaca is Light Weight — A Natural Fiber that Breathes

  • Superior in strength, warmth, softness
  • Smooth fiber without lanolin removed the itchiness and allergic reactions
  • Wrinkle resistant (hang up and wrinkles fade away)
  • Naturally water resistant
  • Washable with lower tendency to shrink
  • Resilient – your cherished alpaca garment can last for many years
  • Alpaca Fiber is Superior to Man-made Fibers:
  • More comfortable in cold weather
  • Warm even when wet
  • Better wicking of body moisture, superior breathability
  • Resists odors, even in socks!
  • 100% natural luxurious fiber which is environmentally excellent
  • Naturally wind resistant
  • Excellent breathability
  • Does not mat or pill
  • Fire resistant, will not melt
  • Low static
  • Comes in 22 official colors!

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