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Alpaca Blanket Throws Alpaca Blanket Throws
Price : $75.00
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Two Tone Blue:
White Alpaca Design:

ALPACA Blanket Throws
Alpaca is a uniquely elegant fiber usually used in Luxury items. 4 times warmer than sheep's wool, more lightweight than cashmere, alpaca is one of the most eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, luxurious and high-quality fibers. Alpaca fleece is woven into stunning alpaca blanket throws which is a beautiful accessory for any room in your home.
Alpaca Blanket Throws - Style Name: Deco Alive Home Throw
size 54 x 70, 80% Alpaca / 20% Cotton
Multi Colors
$95.00 / Special Holiday Discount $75.00 
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Alpaca Blanket Throws

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