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Welcome to Ellie the Elephant! Yay! Come and click on the tabs to the left of this page. We design and make comfort body pants that are worthy of your time. We poor love and hope into each pair. We handpick each collaboration with your personality in mind. When you try on a pair you feel something special. With breathable organic helmed fibers, and a process thru design, a direct contact connects with body’s natural rejuvenation. Did we mention there is zero irritation on the skin from interior size tags with itchy seams? We make baby, toddler, preteen/teen and adult sizes. Still not shopping? Each pair is matched with a fun contrasting interior color. Your very own pair is such a treat! When you relax in your custom pair, we stand by our product and promise your stress will dissipate ~ Live well in your comfort care products designed for you with love. Gifting a pair would be a very caring thought. We ship from the east coast of the United States.1 Pair is just a tease. Adult sizes demand going Cammando! Shop aggressive! Something is here and made special just for you💛 Give life, a rock of a hard time’ back Ellie♥
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