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Welcome to Ellie the Elephant! Yay! Dont go anywhere. You have never felt anything like this on your body. Did I say ever? A jump inside a comforting care of LOVE pants. Your skin and mentally health will give back to you! I pour my heart of pure love and hope into each pair. I handpick each collaboration of FUN fabric with your personality in mind. When you thump into a pair after your day, you feel something special. Something magical happens. Did I say “magical”? When I spin your breathable organic helmed fibers together with a process thru design, a direct connect happens with body’s natural rejuvenation process. Do you hate itchy tags ? I do too. A compliment of zero irritation on the skin from interior size tags. Yay finally. We make baby, toddler, preteen/teen and adult sizes. Still not shopping? Each pair is matched with a fun contrasting interior color. Your very own pair is such a treat for self care ! When you relax in your custom pair, i stand by my product and promise your stress will dissipate ~ Live well in your comforting care products designed for you with love by me Ellie. Gifting a pair would be a very caring thought. I live surprising my friends with gifts. 1 Pair is such a treat but more than 1 pair makes more sense once you thump in a pair! Did I mention in about 30 seconds you start to feel lighter than tinker bell and ready to raise hell as soon as your ready to. Sink your privates into a lush pair of Adult sizes demanding you to go Cammando! Please Shop aggressive, there are no repeats of designs or fabrics. I designed something here just for you, LOOK FOR IT. I know each of my following and love to see you purchase out of pure JOY and EXCITEMENT!💛 you are my Cinderella’s and I know you Give life, a Rock of a hard time’ ! With all of my love and admiration love Ellie♥ Now get shopping !
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