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Multi-size Diaper Information
Welcome to BubuBébé!!
If you have been searching for a unique one-size diaper that actually fits, you have come to the right place!  We have worked very hard at creating a diaper that not only fits your baby right up through the toddler stage, but actually has a soaker system that you can customize for each stage of your baby's development - the "Snap-as-you-grow" soaker system!
If you are like me, you have probably experienced the bulkiness of soakers on your newborn while using a one-size diaper.  I either seemed to have too many soakers or not enough for my baby's absorbency needs.  So when I created our diapers, I started from scratch and created something unique that I've never seen before...a simple soaker system that you can customize as your baby grows!!
How our soakers work:
Let me explain.  For our small setting, you would fold down the front flap of the diaper and snap it into the two front snaps.  You could then snap in only the small soaker for a newborn, or the small & medium soaker if you need the extra absorbency as baby grows.
For the medium setting, simply fold down the front flap of the diaper and do NOT snap in the front snaps.  You can then use whichever soakers you like best to fit the needs of your baby.  I usually only needed the small & medium soaker during the day, but would snap in the large soaker as well during nap times or overnight.
On the large setting, use the diaper as is, with no folding down.  You can snap in the soakers in either the front or the back on this setting to obtain the best absorbency where you need it most.  You can even snap one or two in the back and one or two in the front.  It's UP TO YOU!!!
That is the beauty of this soaker system!  You decide where you need the most absorbency and how much you need.  Each diaper comes with 3 soakers (Small, Medium & Large).  They all snap into each other, so you can customize your diapers however you like.
About our diapers:
When I began the process of designing and creating the BubuBébé multi-size diaper, I sought out the best possible fabrics I could find.  I settled on bamboo fleece for our absorbent inner fabric as it was VERY absorbent & bamboo is of course sustainable.  For inner fabric, you want something that will be very soft on baby's skin, so we use cotton velour (which holds up with many washings) or organic bamboo velour (which is super soft).  I am always on the hunt for unique, quality cotton knit fabrics for our outers.  I LOVE prints, so I am constantly looking for new designs and interesting prints.
I get asked all the time what size our diapers work for.  While designing our diapers, we tested them on babies ranging from 8lbs to 35lbs and they fit each stage very well.  Of course every baby measures differently and you can't depend on weight alone, but this is a rough estimate of the weight range for these diapers.
I hope that this little tutorial has been helpful to you.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me :D

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