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About Us (the people behind BubuBebe)


About Us (the people behind BubuBébé)

First off, let me introduce myself.  My name is Lisa and I live in Saskatchewan, Canada.  I started cloth diapering quite a few years ago when our first daughter was born.  My hubby was very supportive and I continued on when our son was born a year and a half later.  In 2007, we found out we were pregnant with twins and I re-entered the whole world of cloth diapering.  How things had changed in even the 5 years since I’d began!  Again, I fell in love with cloth and found myself dreaming of diapers.  The dreams continued and I soon began developing ideas for creating my own diaper.


Before I could do anything though, I had to convince my Mom (Doreen, but you can call her ‘Mom’) that she must sew diapers for me.  See, I can’t actually sew, but my Mom is an expert seamstress.  She has put together many bridesmaid dresses (although she swears ‘never again!’ haha).  Since my Mom is used to hearing my ‘bright’ ideas, she listened and then brushed me off, figuring I’d give the idea up.  However, my ideas only started growing, so persistence paid off and she started making diapers for me.  My Mom actually loves to sew and calls it her ‘therapy’ after a long day at work.  She is always constantly amazed at the comments that come back regarding the diapers we are creating!


Now, when my sister, Lois heard about what we were working on, she insisted that she was going to help.  This suited me just fine as my sister & I are best friends and work wonderfully together.  She started cutting the material and sewing in elastic.  She has since taken over all the sewing of the diapers, while Mom sews blankets, wetbags & bibs.


So, what started out as a little idea in my head has become a family affair.  I buy all the fabrics and wash them.  Lois and my husband cut them all up, then I snap the diapers.  Lois sews in the elastic and sews them up.  The diapers come back to me and I finish snapping them, take pictures and list them for sale.  Mom has taken over the blankets & wetbags and also does a lot of the designing for new products.  I do all the shipping, emails and run the site as my Mom & sister are self professed ‘computer illiterates’.  They love hearing all the comments that I pass on to them.  We truly have a lot of fun getting together and creating diapers for you!


From our family to yours...truly we hope you enjoy your diapers which were made with love!

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