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Muffin lil sister doll and wardrobe set

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Oh little muffin. 

 Her case has been quilted with 

And though she be but little, she is fierce.€  

And that she most certainly is.


These 2 are special, and this is a unique auction with unique pieces, so please read carefully.


Muffin€s real name is Giana, but she feels it's such a proper name. And muffins are just the perfect amount of sweet, not too much and not too little. You can never have too many muffins, and so everyone that loves her the most, calls her Muffin.

 Muffin is an 8.5" sized lil chickpea. She is a new lil sister pattern  to the 13" dolls and - an awesome one if I may say. I am thrilled with the soft squishy feel her body has, with the right amount of wool and glass beads. She has shaped thighs, dimpled knees, elbows, wrists and yes, even embroidered nipples. 

Muffin also has one of my favorite characteristics of the sunshine dolls - their wee shaped hands. You can feel her teenie, shaped palms in your hand. 

 Muffin has a floppy head for a full range of motion as well as expression and posing. For those interested in photography, some of her clothing has been designed to support her head in whichever angle you choose. 

 Muffin has been constructed as all other lil chickpea dolls, with laib yala tricot, and stuffed with high quality, ethically sourced wool. 

 Her wig is straight chestnut mohair weft which can be heat-styled and washed in anyway you'd like. (the weft has been crocheted with coordinating mohair yarn and securely sewn on)

 It is important that this set encouraged play. That the person they will share their home with may take this case aside and get lost in the freedom and innocence of play. Shed the stresses of adult responsibilities and be lost in the moments we forget we work so hard to enjoy. 

 Muffin comes with a complete wardrobe to tickle your imagination. She will bring with her

-a bright red dress, with heart embroidery at the hem, flutter sleeves and contrasting fabric seaming inside. 

- a striped cotton dress from a didymos wrap scrap and lined with blue heathered cotton. 

- caramel cashmere oversized mock neck sweater

- cotton summer top from a vintage piece of embroidery

- blush pink polka dot cotton harem pants

- bright pink striped stretch tights

- a lined cotton yellow "raincoat" with green snap closure

- a pink crochet crop top made with handdyed yarn and lace weight mohair for texture

- a blue striped tshirt with raw neck hem. 

-an extra poufy hot pink tutu ***PLEASE NOTE: the internal construction of this tutu is not pretty. The piece of tulle was oddly shaped and was not enough to make her skirt. But she NEEDED it. and so, we cobbled it together anyways. The construction is strong - but please note not pretty. Tell anyone to stay out from under her skirt. 

(*her fun cardboard dinosaur will be included just because its cute too € though this was just for our entertainment € please don€t expect any cardboard masterpieces here € just for smiles and pictures!)

 To coordinate with all of her clothes, she will bring a crochet pair of blue maryjanes with snap closure, green mohair boots and leather boots with green wool felt accent and leather ties. 

 Muffin will also bring home a couple hats, a few pairs of socks, leg warmers, a variety of headbands and 2 scarves. 

Every article of clothing is designed to coordinate with each other allowing for an endless variety of outfit options!

 Muffin's BFF is her quiet lion, Lion. I don't think I have ever made an animal without accessories of their own. And we tried on quite a few for Lion. He was not fond of any of them. 

He can share some scarves with Muffin, but prefers not too. Something about his mane getting messed up perhaps? 

Either way, he has spoken loudly... in his quiet way. That for the first time, he is quite content all on his own. His sparkly embroidered nose I think is what gives him his confidence. - If not that, it is his luscious main of hand dyed teeswater locks - hand wefted and sewn to frame his adorable face. (and don't miss his tail!) 

Lion has free moving arms, and plastic jointed hips. Like all my stuffies - he is wonderfully and heavily weighted in his head and torso with wool and glass beads. He is constructed from a mohair, alpaca sweater, and is a one of a kind lil chickpea pattern. 

 *LION IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE AUCTION. To allow flexibility in bidding pricing - the winner of Muffins auction will receive DIBS to purchase Lion if they wish for an additional cost of 318usd.  Should the winner pass - lion will be available to purchase separately tomorrow. The suitcase has been designed to carry both Lion and Muffin together. 


Now - the suitcase.

I will thank the suitcase for teaching me I am not an upholsterer, though still found it enjoyable.  I will admit to, in the end, choosing aesthetics instead of full functionality in my restoration-( this was a tiny add on that took on a life of it's own, and the lid can need a more forceful hand to push down because of the lining.) The functionality of the play space it provides is well worth the compromise. There is ample space for storing all of their accessories, with a large pocket on the top should their collection grow. 

-A wooden dowel to fit into the top when opened to browse and select her wardrobe. 

-A small wooden wardrobe with cotton drawstring sack to hold hanging items. 

-A charming vintage wooden box to hold all of her wee accessories - and a lined blanket/quilt - to wrap the friends in and keep them protected in the case, and to change and play on afterwards. 

 I adore that my dolls choose who they will be and command how they will be ready to find new homes. Muffin and Lion are certainly a unique pair, and their collection does a wonderful job in representing them. 

I am always most proud of the feel and movement of my dolls - which is most difficult to convey in pictures. - For videos of this pair and all their goodies, please visit my instagram page,https://www.instagram.com/lilchickpeadolls/

and an album of their pictures will be updated throughout the auction on the lil chickpea facebook page. 


 Though lil chickpeas are always designed to be heirloom keepsakes - they are not intended for children's play - but instead, those wishing to forever stay young at heart. 


Shipping within the U.S and Canada is $45.00 including tracking and insurance *any overages will be refunded.  shipping overseas will be invoiced separately for exact amount. 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, and for never forgetting to always have fun and be kind. krissie xx




Muffin lil sister doll and wardrobe set

Muffin lil sister doll and wardrobe set

Muffin lil sister doll and wardrobe set

Muffin lil sister doll and wardrobe set

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