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About MSC

The Business

Mama Stone Creations was born in September, 2005, out of my love of craft and the desire to share it with others.
As a child, my grandmother taught me how to be crafty. She always had a project on the go, had something new to show my sisters and I everytime we came to visit. She taught us to sew, as well, being an accomplished quilter.
As I got older, I ventured into yarn crafts on my own. I have been crochetting for 8+ years, and knitting for 4. I'm learning new techniques all the time, and finding new ways to implement them in my business.

The Mama

My name is Ashley. I have two sweet children, and they rock my whole world. I love them dearly and can't imagine my life without them in it.
Of course, they keep me incredibly busy. In my free time I run MSC, ocassionally squeezing time in for scrapbooking with my Mother-In-Law.

The Design

You may have noticed that MSC's design is ever changing. I've a great love for design in all it's elements and find it hard to resist playing aorund with my webspace. The current version features the Pacific Dogwood flower, lush greens and tall trees of my home. British Columbia is simply a natural wonder to me.

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