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March Custom Dragon Draw


This is a deposit slot to reserve a custom dragon from The Hatchery. The amount paid today will be subtracted from the final cost of your dragon upon completion. Turnaround time is estimated at 4-6 weeks.

Total cost is $150 plus shipping. If you want a wrap scrap dragon you must supply the scrap which needs to be at least 30" full width. For a hybrid, please contact me for the amount of wrap needed, as it varies depending on where you want it accented and the wrap which you opt to send. I supply the cotton velour for hybrid dragons and you may choose from the large selection of colors I have on hand.

Shipping is $15 plus insurance (varies with wrap selection) in the US, contact me for an international quote. 

The only limit is your imagination! I look forward to creating a beautiful dragon for you :)

March Custom Dragon Draw

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