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Cleansing Balm Cleansing Balm
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Cleansing Balm is a great alternative to normal face cleansers! Cleansing Balm can remove dirt and makeup, deep clean your pores and moisturize your face! It is creamy in texture and is oil-based! Because of this, it can deep clean your pores while allowing your skin to retain moisture to keep it feeling soft and smooth! This can be used on all skin types however they are especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin! It’s ability to reach deep into your pores and remove sebum is also great for problem skin!

How to Use: Start with a penny size amount, rub between your fingers to warm up then massage your face with the balm in a circular motion, including around your eyes. 

Once you’ve rubbed the balm into your skin, dampen your fingers with warm water and massage your face again! Then wet a soft towel with warm water and wipe away the balm! Repeat as needed until balm is removed! Allow your face to air dry or pat gently until dry. 
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