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Shampoo Bars Shampoo Bars
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Essential Oils:

These all natural Shampoo Bars are made with Goats Milk Soap and a combination of oils to help moisturize your hair! Continuing on the eco-friendly path, these are a great alternative to typical store bought bottle shampoo! Not only are they better for the environment, they are also better for your hair and scalp! They have a rich lather and all the nutrients you need for healthy hair! It is important to know that shampoo bars do not work the same as bottle shampoo! It is a big change but a change that is worth it! 

•Oily Hair- Tea Tree 
• Dry Scalp- Lavender 
•Hair Growth- Rosemary
 **adding essential oils will throw off the scent if you choose one**

How to Use: Lather Soap in your hands then apply to your hair! 
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