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Note that patterns purchased from this site will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase. For instant downloading, please visit my pattern store at Craftsy.com

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When purchased:
Jun 23, 2014
Item:Juliette Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Customer service:I have not received my pattern. Please fulfill.
Product review:
2014-07-19 08:15:18
When purchased:
Jun 13, 2011
Item:Juliette Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Customer service:Emailed pattern very quickly!
Product review: Great pattern. Easy to work from. Love the end result too!
2012-01-01 12:18:15
When purchased:
Oct 17, 2011
Item:"Apple Fest" on 3.5 oz British Blue-faced Leicester + trim
Customer service:Fast shipping
Product review: Yarn has a great feel to it. I love the colorway!
2011-11-22 10:42:21
When purchased:
Oct 7, 2011
Item:Custom listing for Keltie
Customer service:Beautiful yarn. Great mama to deal with :) very accomodating for custom orders !
Product review:
2011-11-21 12:02:19
Negative comment
When purchased:
Jun 11, 2011
Item:Customize Your Gaia Bulky! (6 oz)
Customer service:I never received the custom yarn I ordered. Now I am out of luck because I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt, figured she was a busy mom who needed extra time to complete my order, and now it is too late to resolve the issue through Paypal.

Tia contacted me and said she found my yarn and someone else's "in a closet". She said she would send the yarn AND issue a refund. She did neither. Additionally, she has deleted my comments I left for her on her Facebook wall in an effort to get her attention.

I do not trust this shady seller, and neither should you. Too bad, because the yarn looks beautiful. Wish I could have seen it in person. Now I am out over $30.

I will delete or edit this comment if this issue is ever resolved.

Product review: Wish I could review the product...I never received it, or my refund, even after the seller said she found my order "in a closet".
2011-10-05 12:21:05
Seller response: I explained to you what had happened for the yarn to wind up in a closet. I dyed up the yarn and was waiting for you to decide on a second colorway. While I waited, I put the yarn in the closet that houses all of my business supplies and yarn. Later you decided that you didn't want the second colorway after all. By that time I had taken a job outside of the home and was very busy, stressed and distracted and thought that I had shipped it. I was unaware that I had not shipped it, even when you first attempted to notify me, because I was no longer stocking the store and not regularly checking that email address.

Your refund has taken this long because I simply did not have it to give you. A financial failure on my part, yes. But I am not shady by any means and have never had something like this happen before.

At any rate, your refund has been sent. Customers do not need to be wary of purchasing my patterns or in stock merchandise. My feedback (other than this one) speaks volumes about my delivery of both in stock and custom purchases in the past.
2011-10-05 01:09:36
Buyer resolution: Issue has been resolved. Refund received.
2011-10-05 01:13:39
When purchased:
Jan 27, 2010
Item:Julibeans OSFM Diaper *~*New Lower Price*~*
Customer service:
Product review:
2011-07-03 07:41:24
When purchased:
Jun 10, 2011
Item:Juliette Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Customer service:Very promptly emailed me the skirty pattern!
Product review: Love it, it's very cute.
2011-06-25 04:45:56
When purchased:
May 8, 2011
Item:Juliette Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Customer service:Great, pattern was emailed very quickly.
Product review: So far so good! Pattern is easy to follow. I don't prefer the cable cast on, but that's just personal preference. I like the picot edge, it's nice to have those instructions included.
2011-05-24 01:24:37
When purchased:
Feb 7, 2011
Item:Juliette Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Customer service::)
Product review: Great pattern. Thank you!
2011-02-14 06:01:24
When purchased:
Dec 24, 2010
Item:Buy any knit pattern and get any second 50% off!
Customer service:super swift purchase.
Product review: beautiful pattern. well written with very clear instructions!
2011-01-12 12:05:54
When purchased:
Dec 22, 2010
Item:Buy any knit pattern and get any second 50% off!
Customer service:Excellent customer service. Very prompt and friendly.
Product review: They are patterns, so I haven't used them yet. However, they are beautiful and I plan to enjoy them.
2010-12-31 03:41:26
When purchased:
Aug 13, 2010
Item:Genevieve girls sweater pattern
Customer service:Excellent!
Product review: Great pattern, Thank you!
2010-08-30 09:23:31
When purchased:
Jun 2, 2010
Item:Do you want to leave feedback?
Customer service:Tia is amazing to work with. She listened to all of my crazy ideas and was so patient with me. She captured what I wanted and created an amazing storefront for me.
Product review: her design is beautiful and I get a lot of comments all the time!
2010-07-07 06:01:03
When purchased:
Jun 14, 2010
Item:Buy any knit pattern and get any second 50% off!
Customer service:Great patterns, can't wait to get wool for them!
Product review:
2010-06-15 06:10:07
When purchased:
Apr 28, 2010
Item:Juliette Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Customer service:Pattern was emailed within hours of purchase. I could start knitting almost immediately.
Product review: Pattern was super easy to understand and the glossary in the back was clear (and easy to translate into lefty knitting). I just finished the skirty from this pattern and am super pleased with it! I'll be putting this pattern to good use!
2010-05-17 07:41:19
When purchased:
Mar 10, 2010
Item:Buy any knit pattern and get any second 50% off!
Customer service:Excellent customer service. Great communication and the patterns were emailed quickly.
Product review: I love these patterns. They are beautiful.
2010-05-05 01:52:43
When purchased:
Apr 14, 2010
Item:Juliette Soaker & Skirty Pattern
Customer service:
Product review: Great pattern!
2010-04-30 01:26:55
When purchased:
Feb 6, 2010
Item:Genevieve girls sweater pattern
Customer service:none needed
Product review: I love the pattern. It was very easy for me to follow and and love the fit. It will be a pattern that I will use a lot.
2010-04-23 01:48:18
When purchased:
Apr 4, 2010
Item:"Quirk" on 3.5 oz Peruvian wool
Customer service:Excellent!!!
Product review: Shipped very quickly,Thanks!!!
2010-04-14 03:48:31
When purchased:
Apr 4, 2010
Item:Arabella Knitted Pinafore Dress Pattern
Customer service:Great!
Product review: Pattern is beautfil, thank you!
2010-04-10 10:18:26


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