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Melissa Laurel has received 27 feedback comments and no negatives.

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When purchased:
Feb 5, 2010
Item:Newborn/Small Soaker - "A touch of Spring"
Customer service:fast shipping
Product review: love this....couldn't be any cuter! how creative!
2010-02-10 10:51:22
When purchased:
Dec 4, 2009
Item:Jacobs Ladder Sheepy Sack **12hr Auction**
Customer service:fast shipping, nicely packaged
Product review: a superb's beautifully knit and I feel bad that the auction didn't go higher. thank you so much for a beautiful product.
2009-12-11 10:00:32
When purchased:
Nov 30, 2009
Item:Sangria Sheepy Sack ***50% off Cyber Monday Special***
Customer service:Customer service was great! Packaging very nice, too. Thanks!
Product review: Sheepy sack is sooooo gorgeous, the colors are fabulous, I can't wait for my lil noodle to be here!
2009-12-04 02:41:40
When purchased:
Nov 13, 2009
Item:FFS Drawing :: Owl Bib and Burp Cloth Set ::
Customer service:Great CS, fast shipping.
Product review: Really cute bib and embellished PF!
2009-11-20 09:35:11
When purchased:
Jul 3, 2009
Item:Woodland In Spring Sheepy Sack
Customer service:n/a
Product review: Cute.
2009-08-02 02:05:51
When purchased:
Jun 5, 2009
Item:Purple Malabrigo Sheepy Sack *10hr Auction*
Customer service:Shipping was fast & the offer of a beautiful sleep sack at auction prices was very generous.
Product review: It's beautiful. The knitting is perfect, the yarn is gorgeous and I can't wait to use it. Thank you for the wonderful auction!
2009-07-08 10:24:02
When purchased:
Jun 5, 2009
Item:Lime Blue Malabrigo Sheepy Sack *10hr Auction*
Customer service:Quick shipment!
Product review: What an adorable sleep sack! I can't wait to give it to my friend for a baby shower gift!
2009-06-18 05:08:50

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