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Melissa Laurel has received 27 feedback comments and no negatives.

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When purchased:
Jun 30, 2012
Item:**24hr AUCTION** New Beginnings Soaker - SMALL
Customer service:Great communication and quick shipping
Product review:
2012-10-05 02:12:08
When purchased:
Jun 30, 2012
Item:**24hr AUCTION** New Beginnings Dress/Top - 0-6 Months
Customer service:Fantastic customer service!
Super fast to ship item
Product review: Very well knit
lovely dress
2012-07-19 01:40:51
When purchased:
Apr 19, 2012
Item:**FFS Drawing** - Kettle Dyed 1ply Merino Yarn - Blue/Turquoise/Purple
Customer service:Fast shipping
Product review: Beautiful. Makes me want to knit up lots of itty bitty squishy clothes.
2012-07-02 07:43:05
When purchased:
May 15, 2012
Item:Do you believe in Double Rainbow's?
Customer service:Fast shipping! Thank you!
Product review: So beautiful! I can't wait to pop this baby out and put it on him or her. :-)
2012-05-19 03:34:15
When purchased:
Jan 6, 2012
Item:Earth Candy Rainbow Soaker - NEWBORN/SMALL
Customer service:
Product review: wonderfully made
2012-05-06 02:29:16
When purchased:
Apr 5, 2012
Item:Norway Fish Shorties - SMALL/MEDIUM
Customer service:
Product review: most beautiful shorties ever! THANK YOU so much!
2012-04-08 11:30:04
When purchased:
Sep 18, 2011
Item:Natural Beauty - NEWBORN - Mary Jane Booties
Customer service:brill
Product review: gorgeous
2011-09-29 02:58:35
When purchased:
Feb 28, 2011
Item:Little Bo Peep (4oz Organic Bulky Gaia) **100% HC$**
Customer service:Very fast shipping, and quick email responses!
Product review: They yarn is awesome! I love the colors, it is soft, I love it!
2011-03-03 03:49:25
When purchased:
Feb 18, 2011
Item:Jungle Chic Soaker
Customer service:Super quick shipping, thanks :)
Product review: The soaker is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am very excited to use it on my daughter when she is born.
2011-02-24 08:00:31
When purchased:
Dec 3, 2010
Item:Rainbow Soaker (Mosaic Moon's "Lughnasagh")
Customer service:Wonderful customer service, kept me informed on shipping progress, and I got the product very quickly.
Product review: Love it! Even more beautiful in person, well made and super soft!
2010-12-10 09:03:23
When purchased:
Nov 16, 2010
Item:Brown Bear Soaker - small
Customer service:Good.
Product review: Love this soaker! Love your work! Thanks again!
2010-12-06 03:09:56
When purchased:
Nov 28, 2010
Item:Little Boy Blue Soaker
Customer service:Good.
Product review: Adorable! Prompt shipping! Love, love, love!
2010-12-06 03:07:04
When purchased:
Sep 4, 2010
Item:Eden Soaker
Customer service:
Product review: Beautiful, well made soaker! One of our favorites
2010-11-28 12:36:36
When purchased:
Jun 4, 2010
Item: ***100% HC$ Auction*** Mariposa Soaker - Newborn
Customer service:Very good, kept in good communication with me about the soaker.
Product review: This is SUPER cute. The knitting is flawless. Thanks so much, I love it!
2010-10-29 09:10:18
When purchased:
Aug 2, 2010
Item:Owl Love You Sack (12hr Auction)
Customer service:Excellent. Fast shipping. Good communication.
Product review: Beautiful sleep sack, very well made. Knitting looks great!
2010-08-09 04:18:58
When purchased:
Jun 9, 2010
Item:Custom Soaker Slot
Customer service:Melissa was wonderful about keeping me up to date on the progress of my soaker. She was very specific about making sure I was pleased with the current WIP before continuing on to finish. Communication was 100%!
Product review: I LOVE the finished soaker. It is beautiful and fits my daughter perfectly.
2010-07-19 10:29:19
When purchased:
Jun 3, 2010
Item:Custom Soaker Slot
Customer service:Fantastic! Melissa kept me updated throughout the progress of my soaker.
Product review: Beautiful! I can't wait for this babe to arrive, so we can use it. It is so soft and just perfect. Excactly what I wanted! Thank you.
2010-07-01 03:19:53
When purchased:
Apr 13, 2010
Item:Owl Love You Sack
Customer service:Great CS!
Product review: This sleep sack is so beautiful and so soft! I have 3 more months to wait until I have a baby to put in it. But I'm sure I'm going to love it!
2010-05-24 06:35:45
When purchased:
Feb 12, 2010
Item:FFS "Surprise Me" Soaker Drawing
Customer service:Outstanding!!!
Product review: LOVE the soaker! Beautiful knitting!!!
2010-03-09 01:21:20
When purchased:
Feb 20, 2010
Item:Emerald Sea Sheepy Sack
Customer service:great, fast shipping
Product review: Wonderful wool baby sack, very soft, very pretty colors. Love it and can't wait for baby to arrive and wear it!
2010-03-04 12:21:09


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