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Mommie's Lil Peanut has received 18 feedback comments and no negatives.

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When purchased:
Feb 27, 2013
Item:Diaper Bag CUSTOM Slot
Limited Time Only
Customer service:Michelle is wonderful to work with. Excellent communication, very professional and provided me with many updates. Alway responded to emails in a timely manner.
Product review: Absolutely a beautiful bag. Sewn perfectly with great attention to detail. I love this bag so much, it is extremely functional for us and exactly what we wanted. I am enjoying using it thoroughly. I would highly recommend Mommie's Lil Peanut to anyone.
2013-05-29 10:18:01
When purchased:
Aug 23, 2011
Item:Lil Peanut Knot Cap- Mint Chocolate Zoo
Customer service:Friendly with fast shipping!
Product review: Adorable and well-made!
2011-12-08 01:25:39
When purchased:
Feb 28, 2011
Item:100% HC$ Special~ Kleo Diaper Bag
Customer service:
Product review: Amazing bag, super well made and beautiful! Thank you so much!!!!
2011-04-05 03:47:52
When purchased:
Aug 22, 2010
Item:Girls Retro Cars Tee
Customer service:
Product review: Love the shirt. Can't wait to see my little one in it. Thanks so much!
2010-08-30 02:22:19
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2010
Customer service:she was super sweet and fast to write back to my emails and ship my order
Product review: got 2 custom sets with little hats. they look adorable and well made! i'm very happy with my purchase and will be back for more from her!
2010-06-16 12:18:48
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2010
Item:Moose w/Shoes Tee
Customer service:Michelle was a pleasure to work with and got my items out lighting fast for my party this weekend!
Product review: Just as great as the other items I purchased from her! this shirt and the matching hat are going to look so adorable! can't wait to gift them i'm sure they will be loved!
2010-06-04 04:01:59
When purchased:
Jun 1, 2010
Item:Zoo Babies Tee
Customer service:Communication was great! She helped me even with a last minute custom add-ons and I blinked and my package was already at my door! Perfect timing for the party this weekend thank you so much!
Product review: The shirt is so cute and the little animals are adorable. It looks well constructed and the material is soft. Can't try it right on the little guy it is meant for yet, but it seemed to match up well to other store bought shirts I have. I am definitely pleased with everything I purchased!
2010-06-04 03:58:40
When purchased:
Sep 18, 2009
Item:Lap Tee Chocolate Animals
Customer service:Ok
Product review: Adorable fabric but I was a little dissapointed in the shirt itself. I don't know if it was the sewing or the design itself or what but it just wasn't a very good shirt. My hubby picked it up and said he loved the fabric but really didn't like the shirt. I agree.
2010-04-07 11:25:40
When purchased:
Sep 14, 2009
Item:Lil Sleepie Sack Set Ooga Booga Pink AUCTION
Customer service:Awesome Customer Service, all of my questions were answered very quickly!
Product review: This is BEYOND cute and I cannot wait to use it! Thanks!
2009-10-05 08:57:42
When purchased:
Sep 15, 2009
Item:Lil Peanut Hat VROOM! 0/3m Auction!
Customer service:great customer service.
Product review: LOVE the hat! Thanks~
2009-09-28 02:13:39
When purchased:
Aug 12, 2009
Item:Iced Giraffes
Lil Sleepie Sack & Hat
Customer service:good communications
Product review: very cute, can't wait to use it
2009-09-28 01:43:30
When purchased:
Sep 11, 2009
Item:Jungle Knit Hat-0/3m
48 hour Auction!
Customer service:Great customer service with extra fast shipping.
Product review: The cutest newborn hat, well made and very well packed for shipping.
2009-09-24 03:17:30
When purchased:
Jul 10, 2009
Item:Lil Sleepie Sack- 0/3months
Pink Puppy Love- Semi Custom!
Customer service:A+, super fast shipping, great communication
Product review: Awesome newborn gown and hat set! Thank you!
2009-07-16 06:22:46
When purchased:
Jul 10, 2009
Item:Semi-Custom Pink/Lime Ooga Booga Gown/Hat Set
Customer service:A+
Product review: Awesome newborn gowns and hats! I can't wait to use them!
2009-07-16 06:22:19
When purchased:
Jun 12, 2009
Item:Lil Peanut Woobie- Bubblegum Giraffes Blanket- Large
~My Birthday Clearance!~
Customer service:Great to work with.
Product review: Cute cuddly blanket that will be perfect for our lil Beans first few days.
2009-07-01 11:46:00
When purchased:
Apr 23, 2009
Item:Diaper Bag Custom Slot for MAY
Customer service:wonderful customer service, couldn't have asked for a sweeter person to work with
Product review: great product. My bag is beautiful and so well made
2009-06-15 05:41:34
When purchased:
May 7, 2009
Item:Iced Giraffes Knit Hat- Size PREEMIE
~My Birthday Clearance!~~
Customer service:
Product review: Cute hat. Thanks so much.
2009-05-23 08:31:14
When purchased:
Apr 30, 2009
Item:Lil Sleepie Sack- "Earthy" Ooga Booga- 0/3months *Seconds/Tester Pricing*
Customer service:Great :)
Product review: Oh I love it so much, right after he is born, he is so putting this on! I can't wait to see my son in his Ooga Booga Gown! The sewing is great on this! I love the half sleeves! Great job Momma! You should really start making more of these gowns!
2009-05-12 10:11:45


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