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Inviting Play 12" Addie; Free Spirit


Addie is a wonderful, spirited, girl who knows herself and knows her style. 

She loves bright colors and bright days.  She is 12" tall and as very wavy golden brown hair made from yak weft. 

Her eyes are bright blue and her skin is pale with a golden hue. 

She comes wearing a long, flouncy, colorful, cotton bohemian style dress with straps that fasten around her neck and a belt. She has a beautiful shot cotton blouse with wooden buttons. 

She has cotton undies and socks and a layering-tee (not pictured), pretty cotton print lounge pants, and leather moccasins that tie with elastic laces.  Her hat is a gnome-y hat sewn from sweater fabric in her favorite colors.
Around her neck she has a heart-shaped red sea glass pendant on a thread.  Her parents gave it to her for her birthday. 

She's full of love and ready to play.  Addie is not appropriate for children under 5 because of her very long hair and small buttons.  If you'd like to learn more about the doll maker and Inviting Play, please visit me at :

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I will ship Addie out on the next business day. I will refund shipping charge overages that exceed $1.00. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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