Mini Lammie


Happy New Year!!
Thank you for all your support, heartfelt messages and support of Woolhalla!!

Enter (once only please!) for a chance to win Mini Lammie and best of luck!!

If you are the winner then you'll be emailed for your mailing address.

Mini Lammie is made with cotton sherpa, a cotton covered wool stuffed head,
and a wool stuffed body and stands approx. 18 cm/ 7 inches tall.

Tags: Dollectable, doll, lammie

Mini Lammie will ship to you free without tracking. This item will be offered by drawing at Hyena Cart! There is no cost to enter, but please bear in mind that the winner of the drawing is obligated to purchase this item at the listed price. Only one entry will be accepted per customer and it would be greatly appreciated if each customer enters only for him/herself and not for the benefit of anyone else. Thanks!

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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