Jane is an 18" tall, Waldorf inspired doll, made by Fabrique Romantique. 
She is cheerful but if you look well you'll see she's a thinker, a little philosopher. She likes to be in the garden and gather treasures in the big pocket of her dress. 

Jane has a firm sculpted face and little ears, her hair is made of crochet mohair yarn (the wig is full, you won't see the stiches and the hairs are very long). Her legs are button jointed, she can sit and stand by herself. She's made of Dutch interlock and filled with organic, clean sheepswool from Germany. 

She wears undies, pants made of Liberty fabric (Betsy fluo), a linen dress, lined and embellished with Liberty fabric, white socks and black mary janes (bought by me).

Jane is suitable for children from 7 years old and up ;-)





Tags: Dollectable, Fabrique Romantique, Waldorf doll

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