Lola Liefje


Please meet Lola Liefje, Lola is a lovely little girl that loves all colors except pink. She loves to visit her Nana's, Nana Bright who gave her her green knitted woolen romper for sleeping warm and Nana White who made a white cabled blanked to cuddle under at night.

Every monday she goes to Nana Bright who then takes her to her ballet class in her flowery leotard and her purple grey tutu. 
Every friday she goes for a walk at the museum with Nana White, in her flowery dress, striped leggings (pattern by Mariengold) and off course her rainbow knitted cardigan and crocheted shoes. 

But there was nothing better than to crawl under her blanket at night and dream of dancing in the Swanlake or meeting Van Gogh when he was painting his sunflowers.

She is a small girl with very big dreams.

Lola Liefje is a 12 inch LIEF monster doll. She is made with dollskin from De Witte Engel and is tightly stuffed with clean carded German sheepswool. Her sandy blond brushed mohair hair is very long and can be styled in many different ways.

She comes with three outfits:
- sportswear:
flowery leotard, soft pink woolen balletshoes and of course a purple satin and grey tulle tutu
- nightwear:
a handknitted romper in green and brown and a handknitted white cabled blanket
- daywear:
a pair of striped cotton velours leggings, flowery dress, rainbow crocheted shoes and rainbow knitted cardigan

She will be securely wrapped in plastic, then put in a sturdy box for safe shipping. 

Lola Liefje

Lola Liefje

Lola Liefje

Lola Liefje

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