Thalita Dol


Naitė's story can be found HERE on my blog.

She is a 13.5" size baby and fits into preemie real baby clothes. She is made with soft sunkissed DWE and stuffed with sweet sheep's wool. Her facial features are needle sculpted, her body has many soft sculpted accents. She is blushed with colored beeswax. Her hair is made from a ginger mohair wig. She is weighted with craft sand inside little fleece bags in her limbs and tummy.

She goes home with:

fleece and cotton knit diaper
moss green dress
reversible velvet and cotton knit jacket
mint green crochet bonnet
key necklace
constelation blanket
poseable softly needle felted frog
Leather boots
Carter's baby onesie
leather golden crown

Naitė is an art doll suited for the adult collector or older child who knows to play gently.

Thank you so much for supporting my work! I love you all! Good luck!

Tags: Dollectable, waldorf inspired, natural fibers art doll, needlefelting, baby doll, elf doll

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