the shy girl


So this little one still has not told me her name. She is very patient in posing for photographs and I think she just likes being shy. Some kids I feel sorry for when they are shy as they seem to miss things in life because of it. Not this one ;)
She will travel nameless (I am hoping she will whisper you her name upon arrival or maybe a bit later once she gets to know you) but with her handknit summer romper, handknit boots (she doesn't like wearing them because they make her feet look huge - I told her that no way will she leave this house without shoes and that big feet are a sign that she is well connected with mother earth) and a cowl that I have yet to sew for her (my excuse to keep her a day longer ;))...
Her hair is the most gorgeous camel weft, soft and long and sturdy...

She is made with my new pattern, small and still chubby ;) Her skin is Swiss cotton knit in a dark tan colour. She is filled with clean carded wool from Germany. 

She  measures just over 11 inches. This is a guess based on the fact that her sister was that size but we honestly didn't measure her.

Check back on my page for a pic of her boots ;)

For all her pictures (so far) check:
This girl is not a toy and not suitable for kids.


the shy girl

the shy girl

the shy girl

the shy girl

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