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Gladys Mae -31cm (almost 12")

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Gladys Mae

What a name! Gladys Mae might be a stage name - inspired of days gone bye - days of fanciful, and mysterious names for us. Once she arrives with you, after a time of shared secrets and building trust, she might tell you if she was born under another name. 

Where to begin? Gladys is a sweet girl that dreams of one day dancing at the Palais Garnierin Paris. To make that dream come true, she dances whenever she can - she loves wearing her sparkly leotard and wooly leg-warmers to practice -- but most of all, she loves wearing her super special tutu and dance across the inner city near her house. Yes, you guessed right. Gladys lives in the city and yet dreams of one day being on a stage in Paris. When she was quite little, her great-grandma took her to a small theatre to watch a movie about a ballet dancer. 

Back at home, she looked through the old dictionaries she found up in the attic and came across a picture of the Palais Garnier in Paris. Between saving up her allowances, doing extra chores at home she saved up enough money to send away for her dance outfit. 

Gladys is a free spirit dreaming large. Let’s encourage her and support her dream! Because dreaming your wish is the first step in making it happen. I have a hunch that she will find a way to get herself to lessons from the old woman living in the apartment below her -- you know, the one that everybody whispers about, who they think used to be a dancer back in the day. Perhaps you could introduce the two? Then Gladys could get some lessons and enter one of the large dance schools in the city -- or perhaps she will simply find a love for dance that will stay with her for the rest of her life. Because, having a passion and love for something can make any life a happy life. 


Gladys Mae is a Waldorf-inspired natural cloth doll created from my own pattern with gently needle felted features. She is very firmly stuffed and feels wonderful when held. She can sit on her own and her limbs move freely, giving her a supreme play value. She can also be posed (with help of leaning against objects) in many endearing positions. She measures 31 cm (just shy of 12”)

Gladys is both a collectors doll and a play doll for an older child. She wears a sparkly leotard, leg warmers made from upcycled mohair sweater fabric, shoes, a tutu made from crocheting very fine yarn in hours and hours of work. Her sweater is made from my own hand-spun yarn -- including silk and angora from my own french angora rabbit. Her hair is made from wefted teeswater locks, dyed by myself. 


Skin: 100% cotton (Swiss-made to Öko-Tex-Standard 100)

Stuffing: 100% wool batt from Germany

Hair: 100% Teeswater locks

Clothing: 100% natural fibers (cotton, alpaca, wool, silk, lycra, nylon, mohair). 


Face: 100% cotton Embroidery Thread


Every Olive Sparrow Doll prides itself with absolutely exquisite workmanship – tiny stitches, doubly sewn seams, smooth neck – quality of design and workmanship to show your child what is possible in a hand-made toy. (please make sure you read our paragraph on workmanship below). This doll’s her hair is on the delicate side - so she is recommended for children over 8 years of age or an adult collector. .


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Gladys Mae -31cm (almost 12")

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