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Anika 22" lil chickpea


I am always excited to try new things, tweak patterns and design new ones - and Anika is no exception 
Anika is a 22" lil chickpea but of a much slimmer style allowing her to fit into a wider variety of  clothing. 

Anika's features have been thoughtfully and firmly needlefelted. She has beautiful sea blue eyes, embroidered from cotton floss and blushed with tinted beeswax. 
Her body has been constructed with laib yala swiss interlock, with firmly stuffed limbs and a body perfect for hugs. Anika has been stuffed with high quality wool, from a local family farm with happy pastured sheep. 

Anika's hair is a beautiful golden blond mohair weft that has been carefully crocheted into a brown mohair cap giving the subtle illusion of 'roots' and firmly stitched to her head. 

Anika has a wardrobe that is perfect for mixing and matching. She will bring to her new home:
a cotton white tshirt, 
upcycled new stonewash blue sweatpants with pockets
button up, avocado green top
crochet green rainboots, 
2 pairs of socks.
a white cotton slip dress, 
lace long sleeved dress
a full reversible  hooded coat with pockets on both sides. One side is a gorgeous cotton, hemp blend, with a fun quilted floral pattern on the other side, 
a pair of crochet mary jane shoes made of handdyed rainbow cotton yarn. 
a crochet woolen pom pom touque
and a knitted brown woolen scarf with wooden closure. (Please note the kntting is far from perfect on the scarf! - I am learning and despite 'flaws' still feel it has character and is quite charming on her )

thank you so much for visiting Anika. I am quite proud of her and am certain that she will bring sunshine with her to her new home <3

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please note funds are in USD. 

Anika 22" lil chickpea

Anika 22" lil chickpea

Anika 22" lil chickpea

Anika 22" lil chickpea

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shipping in US and Canada $40. Tracking and insurance included. shipping overages will be refunded. Anika will ship within a week of purchase

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