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Vasilina - Ukrainian doll


Vasilina is a Waldorf doll about 6 inch tall (15 cm). She has a wireframe in her legs and hands so you can choose how to shape them. The dolls' skin made of dollmaking tricot. 
Her clothes is removable and everything made by hand.
Her wig is crochet with mohair locks.

Her shirt(chemise) made of silk marquisette. This material is very thin and delicate and I got a lot of pleasure working with this material. Her shirt was embroideried by rococo and by hemstitch.
Her jacket (vest) made of 100% cotton velvet with lining made of 100% silk. All stitches made by hand. The jacket is very delicate and not for often dressing/taking off.
The skirt made of American cotton. All seams covered with silk ribbons and embroidery.

The boots made of leather. The beads are made of beads. The wreath is embroidered with beads, with silk ribbons and silk roses that also made by hand.

The doll have been made with a great attention to details and her clothes was made as close as possible to the Ukrainian ethnic traditional clothes.
This doll in Ukrainian traditional clothes was made for collections or decoration.

Thank you very much for your interest in Dollectable and my work. You can see more photos of Vasilina doll in my Facebook page:

Vasilina - Ukrainian doll

Vasilina - Ukrainian doll

Vasilina - Ukrainian doll

Vasilina - Ukrainian doll

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