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Bintou, a 16-inch Natural Fiber Doll by LesPouPZ


Bintou's skin is sturdy fabric from Switzerland. She's made from wool, needle felted or rolled for a firm and durable result. Inside her belly is a pouch of stuffing beads to give her more weight and realism. Her hair is from tibetan lamb, in black colour. It can be gently combed and styled.

Bintou comes with two dresses, one is made from real wax fabric, the blue striped one is made from a cotton-linen blend. She also comes with her pair of green woolen socks, and leather lace-up boots, and pink panties. She has many accessories such as a nice pair of earrings, a bead necklace, a big rust-colour satin bow pin, and a scarf made from vintage gauze fabric and vintage fringe trimmings dyed in coffee.

Bintou is not made for young children; the fibers of her hair, or small parts on her clothing could be dangerous. She's a doll made for adult collectors, who will like to add this little gem into their doll collection.

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Tags: Dollectable, lespoupz, natural fiber doll, waldorf inspired doll, art doll, handmade

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