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Custom Hummingbird, a life-sized soft sculpture


This listing is for a custom life-sized hummingbird, to be completed and delivered within the next 2 weeks.

The hummingbird will be created based on the species of hummingbird you wish to be created and will have colors based on your preference. The hummingbird is true to size and measures about 3 inches from beak to tail and half an inch tall. The body is made of mud silk and firmly stuffed with 100% carded wool. On top of the mud silk, this one square inch of bird body will be decorated with over 1000 tiny stitches of embroidery thread. The wings and tail may be made from silk or embroidery thread, depending on the creation you choose. The beak is made of wood and colored with black permanent ink. The bird will be strung from an invisible string to fly freely in your home or to hang as a Christmas tree ornament.

Below are a few sample photos to show a couple of previous creations. To see more photos and to read more about Scarlet Elfcup's hummingbird creations, please visit the Scarlet Elfcup blog at

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