Mama and fawn are two sweet little deerhearts in gorgeous pink felt,
and for Valentine's Day mama has a little heart sewn on.

Handmade with 100% wool felt, stuffed with clean carded sheep wool, and helped to stand with a wire frame inside. They are a toy made for gentle play, and they also make a wonderful season table decoration.
Mama stands approx. 9 cm/3.5" high, and the fawn is about 6 cm/2.4" high (not including the ears).

The fawn pictured below is having a little cuddle with Valli, and Valli is available separately and not included with this listing.

As there are small parts, it is recommended that these deer are for ages 3 and up ,and those who do not put items in their mouths. As well, though made to be played with, they are not suited for more rigorous play, but more gently 'deer-like' play.

Please note: The deer can only ship to north/south America, due to licensing agreements. This is why they are listed separately from their friend Villi.

If ordering more than one listing, shipping will be combined and overages refunded.

Important Shipping Note: Please choose "Priority" shipping to have tracking with the deer, as otherwise they will ship without tracking and possibly be late for Valentine's Day.

Tags: Dollectable, doll, dollhouse, bendy, deer

Choose "first class" for shipping without tracking, and "priority" for shipping with tracking to the USA. Without tracking does not include insurance for lost or stolen items. (shipping combined on multiple orders, overages refunded). The deer will only ship to Canada/USA.

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