Silk and Tulle Dress and Matching Fascinator

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This off-white gown is made in dupioni silk and tulle and comes with a matching fascinator.

This gown will fit a slender 16-18" doll. The chest needs to be less than 11" in circumference. A Winterludes or a VergissmeinnichtKiss or perhaps a Giocare & Amare. I'm sure there are plenty of other dolls that will happily wear this. 

It is too small for a Poppenliefde! Meija knows this, she really tried hard to get into it...

And definitely too small for an Angelique Angels doll! Sadly...

A little more about this dress. It is fully lined and does up at the back with a zipper.

There are two skirts. The one underneath (which you can see nicely in the picture below) is made of two layers of silk and has an asymmetrical hem. The back is longer than the front. The front will be slightly short on your doll and the back trails down a bit. The top skirt is made from two layers of tulle. These are both longer layers intended to hang very long over the feet of the doll.

The bodice is pictured from the front and the back in the pictures below. It is completely embroidered front and back with silver thread and lovely large white flowers that each have a jewel in the centre. 

The dress comes with a fascinator made with off-white satin and tulle hand-stitched on a cream ribbon, 1 meter in length. There are two flowers on the fascinator and each has beadwork in the center and a spray of grey and white feathers. There is hat net gathered in the front. 

Meija was eventually content with modeling the fascinator for you. But had to do so in her own dress!

One last picture of the dress. 

Now let's get bidding and take this dress home for your doll to wear... Thank you!

Your dress will ship in a box wrapped in tissue and ribbons.

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Ships within 1-2 working days via the South African Post Office with tracking and insurance (except to the UK and Ireland).

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