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Life with Chavi; Chavi a 18.5" Inviting Play Girl


This is Chavi - she is life and the bubbly hope of spring.

It was a depressing, cold, wet and rainy April week this last week in Minnesota.  Until Friday. Friday was a gorgeous spring day and it was the same day Chavi really came alive.  The purple rain finally cleared and became Chavi's purpley clothes.  And the moment I  saw her smile connected with her body - she has brought me a sense of life and spring and the beauty and hope that is the first blooms and buds of the year.

Chavi has the Inviting Play armature system; Buried deep inside her woolly tissue is a muscular skeletal system that allows her legs and arms and neck to bend and hold gentle poses.  She is very firm and feels just like a wool doll without armature. 

Chavi's hair is made from alpaca fiber which I wefted, washed and dyed a mottled seal brown. She has golden highlights and her hair is wavy and mussed.  you can pig tail or clip it or leave it down and let your senses take in the fine soft fiber.

When I was designing things for Chavi to wear, it wasn't really spring like.  Really it was cold and wet and she needed warm, long and soft layers and she needed purple.

Chavi wears :
  • green cotton underwear, 
  • speckled confetti cotton socks,
  • purple corduroy and leather shoes that close with an elastic loop and leather button,
  • happy linen play pants with an over-sized whimsy pocket,
  • a long brushed cotton purpley and cream dress with long stripey sleeves, and
  • a handknit soft purpley yarn pinafore with leather buttons

 Now that Chavi is finished and we woke up to find May day bringing appropriate May like spring weather, her clothes seam a bit too long, a bit too layerey - so we will make one more spring/summeris outfit for her to bring home.

The sun felt so nice this morning... she was begging for shorts.  I told her if she just hiked up her pants a little, the sun would kiss her knees.  

Chavi is not designed or intended for young children.  Please play with her if you are 8 and up.  

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you.  

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