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Céline - 17" doll by Petit Gosset


Maybe because Céline was born in early winter, she loves snow, the smell and crackling of burning wood in the fireplace. But most of all she loves to read, wrapped up in a warm blanket and drinking hot chocolate with honey. When she is not reading, I often find her pressing her nose to a tall window and dreaming. Céline is about 17” tall and is made with Swiss jersey and stuffed firmly with eco-wool. Her face is needle-sculpted, her face features - embroidered, and her hair - made with beautiful Camel weft, crocheted into the mohair wig. She will come wearing a beautiful silk blouse decorated with tiny sequins and fine Mokuba cotton lace, a wide corduroy skirt, a lined cashmere jacket with a belt, a pair of cotton underpants, and cashmere shoes with leather straps and small coconut buttons. Due to many little parts of her wardrobe, Céline will be a wonderful companion to an older child or a grown up who’s a child at heart. If you would like to see more pictures of Celine, please visit my blog - Thank you for visiting our store! WE WISH YOU VERY HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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