Talie- 14"


Talie is a treasure finder.

She spends most of her time peering at the ground, searching for the perfect rock for her collection, the perfect piece of driftwood to dangle her crystals from for a suncatcher....and on really good days she finds a feather or two to put in her hair and peak her curiosity about which bird it came from. 

When her pockets are full, she finds a cozy place to sit, she empties her pockets, and admires her treasures.     Each bit tells a story and Talie imagines all the people and animals and insects that may have touched or held each treasure before her, and  she loves the feeling of connection.

Talie is 14" tall, with long limbs.  She is created from Laib Yala fair cotton tricot, and stuffed firmly with sweet clean carded wool.

Her face has been felted with her serene expression through needle felting, and she has needle sculpted knees, bum, and belly button.  

Her blue eyes are the color of the sky, embroidered with cotton embroidery thread and wisps of pale lashes.  Her hair is a mohair wig, it is soft and wispy like summer clouds , and she has wee ears to hear the bird songs and stories the trees may tell.

Talie likes to be cozy, and wears an up-cycled dusty rose dress with sunflower yellow pocket  which comes on and off easily with back snap closures.   Her socks are sewn from soft cotton knit in dark grey stripes, and she wears coordinating striped leggings as well.  Her leather soled boots are crocheted from cotton/mohair blend yarn.

As the days turn crisper, Talie has a few knits she will be bringing to her new home to stay warm.    Her favorite piece is her golden yellow pixie hat, knit with squishy wool.   She also comes with a wool muted orange knit scarf, and a teal green wool crocheted cowl.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Talie, I hope she finds a home that remembers to check her pockets before they run her clothes through the wash after her many adventures.

Have a lovely evening! xx Kristin and Talie

Talie is intended for an adult collector, or older child 8+ that can treat her with care and love.  

Talie- 14"

Talie- 14"

Talie- 14"

Talie- 14"

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