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Lucien for you! 11" tall boy who is heavy and light at the same time


Lucien is just a wee boy.  He stands 11" tall but he is small and compact.  He is weighted and his limbs move freely within his fixed body suit.   He is a new doll style for Inviting Play and I'm very very pleased with him.  I love how he feels and how he flops and how he moves.  I made him for you my fans and doll lovers and friends.  He costs one penny and comes with free shipping to anywhere in the world.  He has mohair fabric for hair and a removable hand knit slouchy hat.  If you love him please try to win him.  
PLEASE note the following two things:
  1. ADULTS ONLY:  I am a small artist and I can not test my individual doll styles for child safety.  As such, I do not sell my work as toys.   I design them for the adult collector as art.  Lucien, like many of my dolls has small parts and parts that make him unsafe for small children.  Please do not let small children play with or sleep with Inviting Play dolls.   
  2. Only one entry per household. 
Happy New YEAR!!!  I hope 2016 brings amazing things!  Thank you for your support of Dollectable, Inviting Play, and Handmade Dolls.  Without your support I wouldn't be able to continue this work.  Thank you!

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