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Aki, a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup Pocket Doll


Amidst the turmoil and restlessness in the world, it is a lovely idea to stow away in a secret garden of celebrate life, to be in the moment with your best loved ones, your sisters, and to make a wish upon a lantern...A wish for peace, harmony and love amongst all peoples of this Earth.

Aki and Rantan are two sisters stowing away in a secret garden of lanterns to wish upon the Earth peace and harmony. This is Aki. If you are interested in bringing home the celebration of Autumn, beautiful lantern wishes and a piece of harmony for the on.

For lots more photos and the full story behind Aki's creation, please visit the Scarlet Elfcup blog at

Aki is a 6" Wee-Bee Mini Elfcup. She is made from 100% cotton interlock. Her dark soft locks are made of wefted 100% suri alpaca and can be lightly styled. Her facial structure is lightly sculpted. Her eyes and lips are embroidered with 100% cotton floss. Her cheeks, lips, nose and various body parts are blushed with red beeswax.

Aki comes wearing a wee-tiny kimono made with a beautiful 100% cotton floral fabric and 100% cotton bias at the neckline. The kimono is wrapped at the waist with an obi made from 100% linen and cotton. The obi is secured with two nickel-plated brass snap buttons on the back. Underneath, she wears a set of tiny bloomers matching her kimono.

On her feet, Aki wears a simple pair of sandals made from a hand-dyed Kakishibu 100% silk yarn crocheted lining and matching fabric straps stitched to soles made of 100% Belgian wool felt.

Lastly, and most importantly, both sisters carry a special lantern...for making wishes come true. Their lanterns are made from 100% cotton. Lighting the lanterns from inside is a brand new, tea light wrapped very securely in 100% cotton fabric and 100% Belgian wool felt. A tiny opening is left at the top of the lanterns to switch it on and off. The lanterns' design was inspired by the physalis alkekengi (or Japanese lantern plant) itself.

Aki is recommended for ages 8+ due to the nature of her delicate design and the small parts on her that pose as choking hazards for younger children.

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