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Jules - Waldorf Inspired Doll

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Where to begin... oh, dear.. Jules is a like a bubbly stream of ideas. He has a huge heart and a head filled with dreams. When he grows up, he says he either wants to travel the world and build houses for people who need help, or he wants to work as a lego designer, but better yet. He sees potential to travel the world, build houses for people, save all the animals (yes, you heard that right ALL the animals), and carry along lego so that he can build cool stuff and submit his designs to Lego. But he also wants to work on a huge ocean freight ship and own an island in the pacific where he can be Robinson Caruso. Oh.. and don’t forget, he will also be a professional soccer player (that’s a fact - because he loves kicking around a ball). Then there is his love for gardening, so somewhere there is his own farm and all his animals. But, but, but.. he also wants to work with cars and motorcycles and perhaps bicycles -- and ... oh... yes.. those are the kinds of conversations that go on with Jules. His head high in the clouds, deeply in his imaginary world. As it should be I think for a kid of his age. 

He’s most imminent dream is to be brought home to a place where somebody will always listen to him and where he won’t be told “oh.. you can’t do that” or “oh.. you know, you will have to decide what it is you like to be, you can’t be everything”.... 


Jules is a 48 cm (18") Waldorf-inspired natural cloth doll created from my own pattern. he is very firmly stuffed and feels wonderful when held. He can sit on his own and his limbs move freely, giving him a supreme play value (and lets him put his arms around your neck to hug you back). 

Jules is created as a play doll -- there are no small parts, his clothes are easy to manage. He wears a hoodie, jeans, cashmere socks, wool shoes, underwear and a hand-knitted hat. 


Skin: 100% cotton (Swiss-made to Öko-Tex-Standard 100)

Stuffing: 100% wool batt from Germany

Hair: 100% Wool

Clothing: 100% natural fibers (cotton, cashmere, wool). 

Shoes: sewn from upcycled wool sweater. 

Face: 100% cotton Embroidery Thread


Every Olive Sparrow Doll prides itself with absolutely exquisite workmanship – tiny stitches, doubly sewn seams, smooth neck – quality of design and workmanship to show your child what is possible in a hand-made toy. 


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Jules - Waldorf Inspired Doll

Jules - Waldorf Inspired Doll

Jules - Waldorf Inspired Doll

Jules - Waldorf Inspired Doll

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