Cvita, 9 inch Puppula doll


Cvita is a little 9 inch  Puppula doll. She is the  first Puppula doll in this size. Her body has the same style as my big "Puce".
She is made from high quality Swiss cotton interlock and she is stuffed with cleaned and carded pure wool. Her face is hand embroidered with cotton floss.
She has tan skin and beautiful green eyes.

Her hair is a  super soft and fine blond mohair weft crocheted into a wig. Her hair is fragile and delicate and it may shed while combing and re styling. Please style her hair carefully.

Cvita will come with everything pictured below.

She wears a cotton dress, underskirt trimmed with a vintage lace and linen bloomers. She also wears knitted woolen shoes and shawl.

Please note-she is collectable doll, more suitable for an older child or adult collector.

Shawl pattern by Maizy Moo Knits.
Shoes pattern by Little Jenny Wren Dolls.

Handmade by Puppula.

Thank you for your love and support! <3

Cvita, 9 inch Puppula doll

Cvita, 9 inch Puppula doll

Cvita, 9 inch Puppula doll

Cvita, 9 inch Puppula doll

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Ships from Croatia. I will ship her within 3 days.

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