Eve - the first

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Eve is the very first. First small chubby person. Though she prefers the term "healthy and happy". She calls herself a beach babe so her clothes have been made accordingly. She comes with handknit green overalls and a second outfit consisting of baggy pants with a pirate motive and a yellow summer tunic (also handknit). 

She is the first of my new pattern, small and still chubby ;) Her skin is Swiss cotton knit in a dark tan colour (from being out so much but always responsibly of course), her hair is handspun wool. She is filled with clean carded wool from Germany, her limbs have been handstitched which gives them a unique feel and look.
She is a girl who would love to join everyone for adventures and share secrets of where she suspects lies a secret pirate treasure...

She  measures just over 11 inches. Not counting her personality ;)

For all her pictures (so far) check:

Eve is not a toy and not suitable for kids.


Eve - the first

Eve - the first

Eve - the first

Eve - the first

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